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NIVI strikes the balance between functional emission accounting and user experience.

Dive into our platform to start tracking the emissions of your company, giving you the best of emission management without overwhelming complexities.

NIVI Climate Reporting

Easy emission accounting for your company

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Precise Emissions Quantification

NIVI helps you to keep track of all your greenhouse gas emissions. The platform requests and processes the exact data that is needed to quantify emissions for different sectors, sites, and products within your business.

Data-Driven Insights

NIVI offers you precise insights on your emissions that are based on the data you provided of your company and up-to-date industry data bases to complement your data. The insights are delivered to you in clear dashboards and as detailed reports to make them accessible to all involved parties.

Regulatory Compliance

The emission tracking with NIVI follows the industry standard of the GHG protocol and was verified by DNV. This way we ensure the quality of the insights that NIVI provides you with.

Engaging Stakeholder Relations

Sustainability is one of the main focuses of society today. Current EU-lawmaking reflects this with the European Green Deal and the connected reporting legislative CSRD. NIVI is your tool to make a true change towards sustainability that will earn you the trust of your customers and other stakeholders.

Emission Accounting in 3 Scopes

Emissions are divided in 3 scopes. Scope 1 reflects emissions from your vehicles or generators, while scope 2 shows the consumption of electricity, or heat. Indirect emissions from your value chain are measured in scope 3. NIVI uses industry databases when data from your suppliers is missing.

Guide to Data Collection

Understanding the complexities of climate reporting and what data is needed can be overwhelming. NIVI guides you through the data collection process and provides you with information on every single data point that we need for the calculations.

Your Advantages with NIVI

Get access to NIVI at no cost

At NIVI, we want to enable every company to take tangible steps towards a sustainable future. Understanding the importance of carbon tracking and reporting, we're proud to offer our platform to companies at no cost.


But don’t mistake complimentary access as a reflection of its value. NIVIs emission tracking solution proves our dedication to quality, accuracy, compliance and the highest industry standards. We invite you to experience firsthand the depth, precision, and innovation brought to you by NIVI.

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Emission Accounting

Accounting for the emissions in your operations helps you to understand better, where most emissions arise and where actions are needed. But how does the accounting work? According to the Green House Gas (GHG) protocol, the emissions of a cooperation are accounted for in three scopes.

Scope 1

In scope 1 you account for all direct emissions that emerge in your company's activities.


This includes all fuels you burn in your onsite factory or in any offsite in equipment you own or operate.

Scope 2

Scope 2 includes indirect emissions that you produce in your company. Here you account for utilities such as electricity and heating.

Scope 3

In scope 3 you are shining light on your entire supply chain and its emissions. You track the emissions of the transportation of your products, the manufacturing of raw materials and the use of your product after you have sold it.

This allows to get a more holistic view on the emissions that are related to the value chain of your company.

using nivi emission tracking tool

Discover the ease and credibility of CO2 accounting with NIVI. We made sure that the emission accounting in NIVI is compliant with the GHG protocol, so you don’t have to worry about it.

The compliance with GHG protocol is verified by DNV and we continue to work on keeping the highest standards for NIVI to make sure that our users can trust all calculations across Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions.

GHG protocol compliance

NIVI ensures seamless and compliant emission tracking

With NIVI, steer your business towards sustainable leadership through precision-driven strategies, insights, and compliance

NIVI transforms your business into a sustainability leader! Our solution delivers your emissions data with actionable insights, and regulatory compliance, enabling you to drive growth while making a positive impact.

Pre-register for access to the NIVI reporting platform free of charge.

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