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NIVI strikes the balance between comprehensive functionality and user experience. Dive into our platform where targeted features meet intuitive design, giving you the best of emission management without overwhelming complexities.

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With NIVI, steer your business towards sustainable leadership 

NIVI transforms your business into a sustainability leader! Our solution delivers your emissions data with actionable insights, and regulatory compliance, enabling you to drive growth while making a positive impact.

Precision-driven strategies
Green growth



Set clear targets and let NIVI guide you to input data specific to your company's operations and activities.



Dive into the details as NIVI unveils a thorough analysis of your carbon footprint, shedding light on your broader environmental impact.



Motivate changes through insight and common goals. Turn emission reductions into everyday matters.



Create awareness and momentum on your sustainability efforts

How it works

Data - NIVI guides through the data collection

Measuring your environmental footprint is a data heavy process that can take a lot of time and effort only to understand what data you need and where you collect it. NIVI simplifies this process by providing you with a simple overview of the data with explanations.

NIVI shows you the progress of your data collection so you can always see what data you are still missing.

Let us guide you! NIVI guides you through every step of the data collection process. You can follow the process; see which parts you have successfully completed and jump back to open tasks at any time.

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Explore - Easy dashboards

With NIVI you can visualize your emission data in various dashboards showing graphs and tables with your data.

The clean dashboards provide an overview of the emissions showing carbon intensive activities immediately.

You can choose what you want to look at in more detail by simply selecting different scopes or tables.

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Road to green transition
Successful businesses are backed by solid sustainable practices
Sustainability has become critical in defining the success and competitiveness of businesses worldwide.

Companies across the globe are met with new requirements to swiftly integrate sustainability into their strategies and business models.

Many companies recognize that reducing their environmental footprint is not only a corporate responsibility but also an opportunity to achieve national and international sustainability goals and contribute to the global green transition.

Consumers, investors, and stakeholders worldwide are increasingly making decisions based on a company's environmental performance, further encouraging businesses to take up the challenge of sustainability. NIVI equips companies with tools and insights needed to embrace this transformation, optimizing environmental performance and positioning themselves at the forefront of sustainability leaership.
Engage - Make informed, sustainable choices

Measuring your climate impact is not a one-time task but an ongoing evaluation. Use NIVI to set your climate goals and measure your progress.

NIVI allows you to set a base to compare your numbers on an ongoing basis.

With NIVI you can represent the changes you have made to make your business more sustainable. You can measure the impact of changes on the environmental footprint of your operations as soon as you implement them.

Improve your data – NIVI gives you the opportunity to customize your insights more or less specific depending on the data that you have available. When gaining more detailed data from your suppliers this detail can be represented in NIVI to give you even better insights.

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