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NIVI Reporting

Life Cycle Assessment

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NIVI Reporting

While most organizations recognize the need for sustainability, the lack of necessary insights and tools make it difficult to make well-informed decisions on emissions reduction initiatives.

NIVI is paving the way to sustainable business practices.

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Precise Emissions Quantification

NIVI helps you to keep track of all your greenhouse gas emissions. NIVI helps you to start tracking your emissions by requesting and processing the exact data that is needed to quantify emissions for different sectors, sites, and products within your business.

Data-Driven Insights

NIVI offers you precise insights on your emissions that are based on the data you provided of your company and up-to-date industry data bases to complement your data. The insights are delivered to you in clear dashboards and as detailed reports to make them accessible to all involved parties.

Regulatory Compliance

The calculations that NIVI performs follow the GHG protocol to make sure to follow the industry standard and to give you security about the quality of the insights that NIVI provides you with.

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Life Cycle Assessment

Understand the impact of your products: A Life Cycle Assessment provides insights and awareness to the climate footprint of your products

We help you to understand the environmental footprint of your products during their lifetime. It gives you easy access to valuable insights and data driven decision making to make your products more sustainable.

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Get an Overview of your product's value chain and life cycle phases

Analyze the environmental impact of your product

Develop a baseline to set goals against and support to support green claims

Successful businesses are backed by solid sustainable practices
Sustainability has become critical in defining the success and competitiveness of businesses worldwide.

Companies across the globe are met with new requirements to swiftly integrate sustainability into their strategies and business models.

Many companies recognize that reducing their environmental footprint is not only a corporate responsibility but also an opportunity to achieve national and international sustainability goals and contribute to the global green transition.

Consumers, investors, and stakeholders worldwide are increasingly making decisions based on a company's environmental performance, further encouraging businesses to take up the challenge of sustainability. NIVI equips companies with tools and insights needed to embrace this transformation, optimizing environmental performance and positioning themselves at the forefront of sustainability leaership.
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